Redevelopment of contaminated sites

Arcadis In-Situ Technieken has been a leading company in the field of soil remediation and soil management for decades. We deliver integral solutions for the remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. After completion of the remediation work, you receive a disposition from the authorities stating that the site has been remediated and is fit for the intended use.

Redevelopment of contaminated sites entails financial risks, because the exact extent of the contamination is not known in detail. Based on our experience, we remove these financial risks for you thanks to our fixed price and guaranteed outcome of government approved completion. We can relieve you from dealing with all project aspects, from the additional investigations to negotiations with parties concerned, obtaining approval from the authorities, demolition of buildings and of course the remediation work itself.

Arcadis In-Situ Technieken is a world-wide operating company with experts who provide the best solutions for complex contamination problems. Our approach ensures the best solution for your specific situation. We take account of all relevant aspects such as permits, (built-up) environment, ecology, water and infrastructure. We aim to arrive at the best solution by discussing your priorities and targets with you.

A number of examples of the projects we realized can be found under Projects. Would you like more information? Please contact us.

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