Safety and Certification

Working safely is in our genes. All our activities are covered by the motto “innovative and safe”. The basis of our safety consciousness was laid during more than 15 years of experience in the use of aggressive oxidants and the performance of activities at petrochemical plants while in full operation. At Arcadis In-Situ Technieken, thinking and acting safely is completely embedded in each step of the process, from design to the execution of works. We are also always up to speed with the latest safety regulations and provisions within the industrial complexes at which we work.

In-Situ Technieken is a trade name of Arcadis Nederland BV, and has been certified by SGS Intron Certificate BV. We have also been certified by the Dutch authorities for the execution of conventional soil remediation works (BRL SIKB 7000, protocol 7001) and in-situ remedial work (BRL SIKB 7000, protocol 7002, including the required process management (BRL SIKB 6000, protocol 6002). If necessary, we can rely on colleagues certified for other activities, such as BRL SIKB 2000 for sampling.

ISCO injection units are designed to inject oxidants and other admixtures into the soil in a safe way. In order to guarantee that the procedure is safe, a Hazard and Operability study (HAZOP) is conducted for every unit. In this study, all possible failure scenarios are identified and subjected to a hazard analysis. We consider our injection units to be chemical plants and apply safety measures and regulations accordingly. An important consequence of this vision is that we only conduct injection works when at least two experienced process operators are present. This is one of the ways in which we ensure safe working.

Arcadis Nederland BV is certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and the Dutch VCA/petrochemical, SIKB BRLs 6000/7000, CO2 performance ladder and safety ladder.

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