Eliminating cyanobacteria in swimming lake Delftse Hout

Just before the summer holidays the cyanobacteria in swimming lake Delftse Hout were eliminated and swimming is allowed again.

Recently the concentration of blue algae in the swimming pool in the Delftse Hout became so high that swimming was forbidden to prevent recreants becoming ill. Arcadis treated the water in the lake with a specific hydrogen peroxide-method which reduced the concentrations of the cyanobacteria and the swimming lake could be opened for recreants. 18 hours after the treatment all hydrogen peroxide has disappeared.

The innovative hydrogen peroxide-method has been developed in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. Treatment in accordance to this method decreases the concentration of cyanobacteria, while remaining flora and fauna are hardly affected.

For this purpose Arcadis has purchased and adjusted a ship and installed a special dosing and mixing system.

The hydrogen peroxide method-treatment resulted in a higher water quality and safety of the lake.

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