Soil remediation Buiksloterham in Amsterdam

Buiksloterham on the Northern IJ bank in Amsterdam was once an area where a lot of (polluting) industry was present. Now this area is being transformed into a sustainable home and workplace. Due to fast and cost-effective soil remediation, the construction activities are not affected.

After the buildings have been demolished and the topsoil has been cleaned up, a soil survey will take place. At one location, volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons were found in the groundwater. Because the construction activities are planned, a quick approach to this contamination is necessary.

At the request of De Alliantie Ontwikkeling, Arcadis draws up an action plan and starts the soil remediation quickly. To achieve a stable final situation, an in-situ soil remediation has been carried out. For this purpose injections were carried out at 50 sites in the contaminated area within one month, during which both sodium persulphate and caustic soda were injected. The remediation was delivered on time, according to plan and within the budget. This allows the construction activities planned by the client to start as planned.

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