Dairy factory expands production facility after safe soil remediation

A dairy factory needed to expand its production facility. Arcadis ensured rapid dismantling of the existing water treatment plant, installation of a new groundwater extraction system and a temporary groundwater treatment system, to enable timely execution of the construction work.

The groundwater at the site was contaminated with chlorinated solvents, also causing air pollution. Due to the groundwater treatment plant not functioning effectively, the authorities stopped the construction work until groundwater extraction could obtain dry soil.

For this client, Arcadis designed a safe and sound (groundwater) remediation system. One of the conditions was to infiltrate at least 50% of the extracted groundwater after treatment.

Following implementation of our system, the construction work could be recommenced. The uninterrupted functioning of the treatment plant during nine months ensured that the work was finished without further delay, without exposure to polluted air.

The required amount of infiltration was realized (54%).

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