Soil remediation and preparing the building site for the new Kadoelen residential area

A former industrial site in Amsterdam-Noord was to be transformed into a residential area of 50 houses. Before building could commence, the soil at the 1.6 hectare site required remediation and the site needed to be prepared for building, with a guaranteed price and outcome.

The preparation process included demolition of the existing structures (including removal of asbestos), profiling the asbestos contaminated soil and topping up the site with a 1 m layer of clean soil. Numerous investigations were required prior to the work, such as ecological, environmental, spacial investigations (noise, air quality and traffic) and evaluation of external safety.

The former industrial estate was inhabited by artists and performers at the time of commencement of preparations. Arcadis applied know-how and experience to help Hurks Real Estate Development contact the appropriate authorities and speed up the decision-making process. Information sessions for the public were organized together with the Amsterdam city council and our client to ensure timely information and creation of support for the plans. The inhabitants were convinced to leave voluntarily and construction work was commenced and completed as planned.

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