Real Estate deal facilitated by expedicious soil remediation

Under a shopping mall in Alphen a/d Rijn in the Netherlands, the soil was discovered to be contaminated with chlorinated solvent. The source of the contamination was a former dry cleaning business. The real estate deal required soil remediation and approval by the authorities before the final signing of the deal. After rapid drafting of a remedial plan and approval by the authorities, the remediation was carried out in 12 days’ time, and the real estate deal completed. By using a GRIP® contract (a unique Arcadis concept), the result and the price could be guaranteed in advance.

The soil in the source area was treated with the oxidant permanganate by injections within a depth range of 2 to 10 meters below ground level (-GL) at 13 different locations over a 12-day period. The treatment sufficiently improved the soil and groundwater quality and further spread of pollution was prevented. A back-up system consisting of underground piping was installed that would allow additional injection if required without accessing the actual source site. The installation is below ground, and samples can be taken via the underfloor service void.

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