“New” compounds that contaminate our soil keep on emerging. While no proven remediation techniques are available for some of these compounds, this does not mean there are no remediation options.

ISTR® is a soil remediation concept developed by Arcadis In-Situ Technieken. ISTR® is an abbreviation for In-Situ Targeted Remediation, which delivers customized remediation solutions for many compounds for which no efficient remediation techniques were known until recently. Innovative techniques or combinations of known (improved) techniques allow treatment of these compounds.

Using ISTR®, we target less known monomers and solvents that are still produced or used in significant volumes in the chemical industry.

Arcadis In-Situ Technieken specializes in these types of in-situ soil remediation challenges. Our cost-effective approaches have been applied in many full-scale remediation projects. For example, compounds such as TetraHydro Furane (THF), styrene, carbon disulfide (CS2) and 1,4 dioxane have been treated.

ISTR® program

The ISTR® program now includes remedial solutions for more than 25 compounds that constitute a threat to the environment. The program continues to develop and the number of compounds for which we have developed a treatment system continues to grow.

If you have a remediation issue with a component for which remedial techniques do not seem available, the ISTR® program may bring the solution. We would like to work with you to develop a functional solution.

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