Custom work; innovative and safe solutions

We deliver custom work: we develop the right soil remediation solution for each contaminated site. Our integral approach provides complete solutions that make it possible to eliminate all financial risks. You will have a single contact person for the entire process.

All our activities are covered by the motto 'Innovative and safe'. Safety is in our genes and is based on many years’ experience in the use of strong oxidation agents. We are always up to speed with the latest safety regulations and provisions within industrial complexes.

Arcadis In-Situ Technieken specializes in in-situ soil remediation. Our in-situ techniques allow us to remediate soil contamination on the site without interrupting your business operations.

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Arcadis In-Situ Technieken delivers integral solutions for the (re)development of contaminated sites. Financial risks are eliminated, and government approved completion can be guaranteed.

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Arcadis In-Situ Technieken is the only Dutch company permitted to tackle blue-green algae using hydrogen peroxide. The approach was developed with the University of Amsterdam and is safe, rapid to execute and effective. Advantage: surface waters affected by blue-green algae are safe again within 1 or 2 days of treatment.

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Curious about our field experiences?

Have a look at some of the projects executed by Arcadis In-Situ Technieken.

Bodemsanering maakt ontwikkeling nieuwe woonwijk mogelijk

Eliminating cyanobacteria in swimming lake Delftse Hout

Soil remediation Buiksloterham in Amsterdam

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